Employee benefits

More than 400 client companies renew their trust in us each year. Social Welfare is a fundamental part of our core business.

Our team works in close collaboration with long-standing partners derived from legal advice in complementary social welfare. We have direct links with actuaries’ offices and administrators for the insurers’ and brokers’ accounts.

Our fields of intervention

  • The Contingency and Health Schemes, in particular providing innovative and efficient solutions integrating prevention.
  • The Management of the end of careers (indemnities and early retirement).
  •  Pension Schemes (pension with defined contributions and services, PEE – Corporate Savings Plan, PERCO – Corporate Collective Retirement Savings Plan).
  • International (Risk pooling and mapping).

Our accompaniment

  • Consultancy (Harmonisation in the case of mergers/acquisitions, Audit of Contingency schemes, health fees).
  • Allocation of schemes (defining the company’s objectives, developing the specifications).
  • Social communication (coordinating meetings with the employees and the social partners, informative letter with social protection news).
  • Management of services (Generalised third-paryt payer and website, service Platform : notice on rates, networks, summary of results etc.).

Dedicated and renowned management      logo-helium

The management is carried out by HELIUM which is part of the Servyr group.  A genuine autonomous management centre, HELIUM is ISO 9001 certified.

Today HELIUM has 300,000 beneficiaries, and over 3,250,000 amounts handled. With the guarantee that commitments are respected within 24 hours for amounts that are submitted electronically, and 72 hours for amounts that are not submitted electronically.