Our Tailored Services

Our teams will help you to identify all of the risks connected to your activity. Our mission is to offer you insurance cover which is adapted to your needs and the most competitive on the market.


  • Listening to and understanding your activity and its issues.
  • The analysis of your specific requirements in insurance cover.
  • A benchmark for the different practices on the market.
  • Recommendations to optimise the coverage of your risks.


A representative of your company, we negotiate the offer that is best adapted to your needs for your account. Our knowledge of the market and its evolution enables us to optimise your contractual conditions.


Your specialised representative accompanies you through the management and adaptation of your different contracts.

Legal watch

It is also our job to inform you. We offer you legal support with specialised advice thus enabling you to follow the everyday changes of the legislative, social and fiscal framework of the signed contracts. When the regulations in force change, we inform you and measure the risks incurred thanks to our legal experts.